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Wow! Time goes fast. I’m now in my 15 year with Ducan. What I reflect on the mostly is the people I have met from coast to coast and how delighted they are that our company so dedicated to customer service and assisting them with the success of their projects. Over our 36 year history we have established ourselves as the No 1 DIY industry leader in vinyl decking, rubber decking and concrete sealing in both Canada and the north west USA.

We have made our products as user friendly as possible to allow the home owner the opportunity to install our systems as inexpensively and timely as possible.

You can be assured our team is dedicated to serving you and making sure your project is a success. Our greatest reward is hearing those words “Thank you!” from those we help daily.

This blog is intended to be a place where customers can share knowledge of their successes as well as some minor issues that may have arose while installing one of our systems. We welcome your comments!

James O’Reilly
Ducan Products

2 Responses to “Sharing Knowledge”

  1. Roger Naish says:


    Great website and FAQ section.

    I’ve got a quick and hopefully easy question…on the FAQ it states that VINYL-DEK cannot be used on new plywood. If the pylwood is primed with an exterior acryclic latex is that sufficient to prepare the surface for VINYL-DEK?



  2. admin says:

    Hi Roger:
    Happy to know you like our new website. We’ve been receiving many positive comments about it. As for your question about installing vinyl-dek over primed wood. We developed the product to be a safe coating that can be applied over oil based or water based deck coatings without any compatibility issues. It is not a 100% waterproof coating nor is primer so there is the potential of absorbsion in long rainy periods. It also has a tendancy of developing hairline cracks as the wood below ages and dries out. It’s proper function is for the recoating of an existing waterproof system to build up the wear layer. I do recommend using our rubberized roll-dek system which is 100% waterproof or if you wish we will be launching our new Super-Dek water based decking system that will be waterproof as well as environmentally friendly.


    James O’Reilly

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